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Ribbed Belt

Ribbed Drive Belts

Ribbed Drive Belts

V-Ribbed Belts combine the benefits of flat belt flexibility with a v-belt's power transmission capability....

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Multi-Ribbed V-Belts combine the high-performance power transmission properties of V-Belts with the outstanding stability of Flat Belts. Featuring V-shaped parallel ribs engineered from premium-grade and polyutherane materials. Ribbed Belts are well suited to drive systems where conventional V-Belts are challenged. Including compact drives, high-speed drives, Serpentine drives and high-ratio drives.

poly v belt type

Featuring unique belt technology for enhanced performance on all drives, including:

  • Unique Elastic-Stretch Technology for automatic belt tensioning and longer, more efficient belt life

  • Functional Belt Slippage to avoid blocking on drive systems and back-side idler pulleys with a reverse direction

  • Extra-Thin Parallel Rib Profiles for maximum flexibility on high speed and more compact drive systems

Ribbed belt's construction:

1.Top Fabric

Flexible,bias cut fabric is impregnated with oil and heat resistant rubber to eliminate wear and cracking.

2.Insulation Rubber

Cords are encloses in an oil and heat resiatant rubber compound with strong adhesive qualities for maximum cord support and long life.

3.Tensile Cords

High tensile strength aramid or pre-stretched polyester cords insure high horsepower capacity and constant belt tension on spring tension systems and locked center drives.

4.Rib Rubber

Rib rubber is reinforced with fiber chips and heat resistant rubber compound for wear resistance and reduced noise.

FEILIZHOU ribbed belt is mainly made of CR or EPDM.

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