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Ribbed Belt

Poly V Belts

Poly V Belts

Poly-V belts have triangular section longitudinal ribs,can achieve higher peripheral speed than V-belts....

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Belt characteristics

Standard profiles: PH – PJ – PK – PL – PM

Electrically conductive (Anti-static) to ISO 1813

Temperature: -20/+80 °C

Tensile member: Blue Hard Polyester Cord

Compound: Chloroprene Rubber

Available belts with Aramid tensile members for heavy applications

poly v belt type


Compact dimensions

High Flexibility

High peripheral speed

High efficiency

Conditionally resistant to oil

Low noise

Enhanced running smoothness

Provide economical drive solutions

Possibility of using flat pulleys reducing the cost of the system



They are ideal for small sheave compact designs, requiring limited vibration. Drives with fixed centre distances can be achieved without any separate tensioning device.

Poly V belts are ideal for serpentine drives and large transmission ratios. Versions are also suitable for compact friction-locked drives in household appliances and heavy machinery.

Drive is completely supported, with uninterrupted tension eliminating belt turnover problems

Thin cross-section profile allows for use with smaller pulleys than standard V belts.

Drive width can be reduced, because there is increased surface engagement, allowing for increased horsepower per inch of belt width compared to standard V belts.

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