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V Belt Classification
Aug 28, 2018

V-shaped tape is abbreviated as V-belt or V-belt. It is a general term for a ring-shaped transmission belt with a trapezoidal cross section. It is divided into two types: special core V-belt and ordinary V-belt.

According to its sectional shape and size, it can be divided into ordinary V-belt, narrow V-belt, wide V-belt, multi-ribbed belt, etc.; according to the belt structure, it can be divided into cloth-type V-belt and trim-cut V-belt; Divided into a cord core V belt and a cord core V belt. Mainly used in the power transmission of electric motors and internal combustion engine driven mechanical equipment.

The V belt is a type of belt. General industrial V has a common V-belt, a narrow V-belt, and a combined V-belt.

The working surface is the two sides that are in contact with the wheel groove.