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Rubber Triangle
Aug 28, 2018

The friction area is larger than the flat belt of the same width.

The advantage is that it can be used when the distance between the two flywheels is small, and the transmission energy is larger than the flat belt of the same width, and the sliding is small.

The transmission efficiency is high and the wear is fast, which is suitable for power transmission with small center distance and large transmission ratio.

There are two types of joints and joints, and the active triangle belt is a type of joint. Can be used in a single root or in groups. Ordinary triangle belts are divided into two types. Each is divided into various types according to width and height. The wedge angles are all 40°. There is also a special triangular belt, the section specifications are specified according to requirements, and the wedge angle can be 32°. There are also toothed and hexagonal triangles.

The V-belt is composed of an extension layer, a strength layer, a compression layer, and a wrap layer. The stretch layer is subjected to tensile tension. The strong layer bears the full load of the drive. The compression layer undergoes compression and compression at the time of rotation. The wrap layer is a protective layer that prevents damage due to friction.

The rubber compound can be made into a synthetic type and then vulcanized. The strength layer is made of strong rayon, polyamide fiber, polyester fiber, glass fiber and carbon fiber, steel wire, and the like.