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Group V Belt
Aug 28, 2018

The top surface of several ordinary V-belts or narrow V-belts is a V-belt set in which the connecting layers are integrated.

There are two categories of common V-band and combined V-band in the sub-group.

The connecting layer is composed of a cord having a certain strength and a rubber having sufficient elasticity, so that the individual V-belts are integrated into one body, and the non-uniform vibrations of the single V-belts can be offset to each other to be minimized. There is a vertical surface on the inner side of the upper two adjacent V-belts, so that there is sufficient space between the connecting layer and the outer surface of the pulley to avoid friction between the connecting layer and the pulley and to withstand or tear due to irregular outer circle of the pulley. Open the connection layer and accommodate debris.

The joint belt is formed by vulcanization with the same material at one time. Each V belt has the same length, good integrity, uniform force, stable operation, high bearing capacity and long service life, and is suitable for high-power transmission.