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Triangle history
Aug 28, 2018

1. John, 1917 Gates invented the world's first V-belt and invented a V-shaped rubber belt that was reinforced with cotton rope as a skeleton and made cloth, making Gates the world's largest manufacturer of V-belts.

2. In 1996, Gates Rubber Company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of TOMKINS PLC, making it the world's largest non-tire rubber parts manufacturer.

3. Until October 2010, the birth of a new type of new polyester tempered brown silk skeleton material in China changed the century-old history of the V-belt. The polyester tempered brown silk was used as the skeleton material of the whole solid core structure in the field of the V-belt. It improves the life of the belt by 5-10 times without changing the rubber, cloth and other factors, and is a substitute for the traditional triangle belt.

4. The main brands in the market are: Sanlux, Sanlux, Puguande, Liannong, Ruisheng, Gates, Japan Samsung, Handong, Germany OP, Shanpai (picture is the mountain brand common hexagonal belt).

Triangle tape is widely used in agricultural machinery. The standardized triangular belt has a trapezoidal cross section and no joints in the whole circle.