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Triangle belt selection
Aug 28, 2018

1.The model selected by the selected model should be compatible with the selected V-belt, otherwise the V-belt will be abnormal in the pulley groove. When switching to a V-belt, it is best to bring the old belt to the agricultural machinery department to buy, in case the model is wrong. 

2.Before installing and installing correctly, install the V-belt and install a set of V-belts in the same way. 

3.When installing the pulley in the series slot, the center of the two upper pulleys must be aligned. Otherwise, the triangle belt will work unilaterally, causing serious wear and reducing the service life of the V-belt. 

4.The tightness of the appropriate V-belt must be checked and adjusted to meet the requirements. If the V-belt is too loose, it will not only slip easily, but also increase the wear of the V-belt, or even transmit power. If it is too tight, it will not only make the V-belt stretch and deform, but also cause damage to the main bearing and clutch bearing of the engine. And the acceleration of the V-belt wears. The correct inspection method is: apply a vertical pressure of about 2 kg in the middle of each tape, and the amount of sinking is 20-30 mm. If it is not suitable, it should be adjusted in time. 

5.When the old and new mixed double or three or more triangular belts need to be replaced, the specified type of V-belt should be selected, and the tightness of each set of the triangular belts should be consistent.

6.Strictly prevent contamination In use, it is necessary to prevent the V-belt oil and muddy water from being in contact with corrosive substances such as acid and alkali to prevent slipping and corrosion of the V-belt and early damage. 

7.daily maintenance hand and user should master the correct operation essentials in normal driving, in accordance with the technical requirements of the instruction manual, try to avoid violent start and sudden braking; also prevent frequent overloading; should be removed when the machine is deactivated for a long time The belt is stored separately.

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