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Triangle band classification
Aug 28, 2018

Ordinary belt core

Most of the belt cores of the ordinary cored belts are made of wire cores, and a small number of cord cores are used. Since the two core structures are fiber tanning or braiding, the mutual shearing of the fibers during the operation of the V-belt causes the core to gradually break and elongate. Therefore, the conventional V-belt produced with the cord core and the cord core can only be used in low-load transmission systems.

Special belt core---polyester tempered brown ribbon core

The core of the special cored V-belt is made of polymer polyester tempered brown silk and solid core rod core structure. Because the polyester tempered brown silk is a solid core-free structure, it has good adhesion, flex resistance, high strength and no long running, which not only greatly improves the service life of the rubber transmission belt, but also has a balanced service life. It is maintenance-free and replaced regularly. On November 22, 2010, the polyester tempered brown silk skeleton material passed the appraisal of the expert committee: polyester tempered brown silk was used as the skeleton material of the transmission belt and the traditional polyester soft rope, hard rope, aramid fiber rope structure skeleton Compared with the material transmission belt, the service life is increased by 5-10 times, which is an international leading level. The special belt-type transmission belt effectively solves the problem of frequent replacement of the ordinary transmission belt in the high-load heavy-horsepower transmission system, and is favored by heavy industrial enterprises all over the world.