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Timing belt regular maintenance
Aug 28, 2018

Today, as the car becomes more advanced, the workload of maintenance will gradually decrease. As a result, car owners often think that their vehicles do not need to be repaired. And each car manufacturer clearly stipulates the cycle of regular inspection and replacement of the timing belt. As a professional service technician, you should explain this to the owner: as a part of regular maintenance and comprehensive inspection, the maintenance of timing belt Should be added to regular dimensions In the program of protection. If you ignore this, regular inspections and timely replacement of faulty timing belts can have serious consequences. Unlike the drive belts of the attachments, they are easy to see and easy to inspect. Timing belts are often hidden behind a cover and are accessible depending on the engine and engine compartment. However, in most cases, the lid on the timing belt, at least the upper half of the lid, can be removed or removed so that you can carefully inspect and replace the belt. When checking, if you are not seeing a well-maintained, moderately tensioned belt, you should replace it in time.