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Cogged Belt

  • Cog Belt

    Cog Belt

    HIGHLY FLEXIBLE Multi-layered heavy duty industrial backing fabric protects the belts components and supports its tension cords to allow them to achieve high levels of flexibility. HIGHER DYNAMIC LOAD Specially treated low stretch polyester tension cords provide higher... Contact Now
  • Power Belt

    Power Belt

    The cogged v-belt has a higher adherence and it is capable for higher performance transmission, but it has a greater abrasive effect as well. Contact Now
  • V Belt Sizes

    V Belt Sizes

    Belts are a rubber strengthened product that enable quiet driving of various applications from Cement Mixers, Lawn Mowers, Scarifiers, Quarrys to Large Conveyor Systems. Contact Now
  • V Belt Supply

    V Belt Supply

    Reduce downtime and save energy with the efficient Feilizhou Cog-Belt. Contact Now
  • Industrial V Belts

    Industrial V Belts

    V-Belts are mostly used in places where a large amount of power is to be transmitted by wedging action from one pulley to another when the two pulleys are near to each other . Contact Now
  • Fan Belt Sizes

    Fan Belt Sizes

    The top and the bottom are encased by the wrapper ,both sides are rubber. V belt of tooth shape groove is designed for the bottom to improve the flexural property. Contact Now
  • Cog Belt Drive

    Cog Belt Drive

    V Belts are now known to be the basic belt for power transmission. They provide the best combination of traction, speed of movement, load of the bearings and lastly, maintain a long service life therefore making them very cost effective. Contact Now
  • AX Toothed Belt

    AX Toothed Belt

    Material:Best CR+Best Wire,Warranty:6000-7000 KM,Teeth Type:V-Teeth Type,Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Contact Now
  • OX36 Cogged V Belt

    OX36 Cogged V Belt

    Cogged V Belt Depreciation: A toothed belt tearing when the engine is running can lead to a serious collision between valves and pistons. The result: engine damage. To avoid the inconvenience of breaking down, due care and attention is the order of the day. Observe the... Contact Now
  • OX37 Cogged V Belt

    OX37 Cogged V Belt

    Cost is king, and cogged v-belts are the servant. Built with precision-engineered cogs which permit greater belt flexibility packing more horsepower and speed into pulleys up to half the size. Smaller pulleys mean smaller costs with no loss to the power output of your drive.... Contact Now
  • OX40 Cogged V Belt

    OX40 Cogged V Belt

    Features Large intensity,high flexbility,good durability Special bottom rubber used,small elongation and long service life Excellent heat-resistance,oil-proot and wearing resistance High transmission efficiency Suitable for band pulley with minor diameter Safe performance can... Contact Now
  • OX47 Cogged V Belt

    OX47 Cogged V Belt

    Our factory mainly produce Classical rubber V-belt, Narrow rubber V- belt ,Group/Banded rubber V-belt,cogged v belt, timing belt and so on. Suitable for highly specialised applications under stringent operations, such as drives where take up allowance in not provided,... Contact Now
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